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How to Select a Reliable Real Estate Broker in Egypt

In order to help you find the right real estate broker, do a little research to find the top agencies in Egypt. By talking to past buyers and sellers, you can find the most credible agencies by reading their feedback and recommendations. Furthermore, also checked the current experience, qualifications, rates, and properties of each real estate agent. Check the following factors for selecting the right broker:

Real estate broker

o The location is important when working in Egypt. Cairo and Luxor are the two prime locations for real estate agents. You can go to these places directly or via online broker directories, which will list the agents’ websites. You can search the directories by country or city name and then narrow down your search by entering keywords such as Cairo, Luxor, or Cairo & Luxor.

o Business Bureau Certification. A legitimate broker should be affiliated to a reputable and recognized association. There are different associations that offer certification. They can either be national or local.

o Client Relationship. Before choosing a broker, make sure you know about his or her background. Find out about the company’s financial standing, if they are registered under a government agency, and what type of insurance they have. Also check the credentials of the broker. Check the list of members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

o Insurance. Be wary about a broker that does not have a proper insurance plan. Insurance can protect you if a transaction goes wrong. It covers damage, theft, and loss of investment, among others. You should always make sure the agent you hire has this kind of insurance.

o Personal references. It is always better to trust your instinct than others when hiring a broker. Ask the people you know for referrals. You should also ask for client references from the people you met with when you first set up a meeting with a broker.

o Referral Service. When finding a real estate agent, take advantage of referral services. They are usually reliable sources of good references. They will provide you with a good idea about the previous clients of a particular broker, and also about how he or she deals with clients. The best referral service will allow you to view the agent’s portfolio before deciding on hiring him or her.

o Referee Fee. When a referral fee is being paid by a potential client, this is very important, because it makes sure the referral service provider will not try to sell you something you may need after getting the service.

By following these tips, finding a great real estate broker in Egypt is not difficult. As you go through the process, you will notice that brokers are different and have different needs, so you should be able to find the right agent to satisfy those needs.