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A Career in the Pharmacy


The pharmacy profession is one of the three branches of medicine. Pharmacy is the medical specialty that deals with the chemical composition of medication and it is also responsible with the formulation, manufacture, safety and efficient administration, and control of medicines and drugs. The main objective of the Pharmacy career is to ensure and improve the quality and quantity of drugs and medicines available in the market. The pharmacist performs various other duties to facilitate and support his patients in their need. They prepare prescriptions, order medicines, monitor and administer medication, and distribute and accept payments for them. There are different responsibilities in the field of pharmacy.

One of the main jobs of a pharmacy technician is to ensure that medication dispensed is in its proper dosage. It must also be prescribed by a doctor or a pharmacist to the patient. This job requires the pharmacist to check the patient’s history and take into consideration any medical conditions that may affect the drug and give out appropriate medication accordingly. There are many other duties that are involved in the process of administering medication. One of the roles involved is that of a pharmacy assistant who will perform the duties of a pharmacist. These assistants must have a high degree of analytical ability and they must also be well informed in relation to the latest medical research. Many students are now choosing to be pharmacy technicians in an effort to make a difference and help people in need.

If you are interested to study a career in the field of pharmacy then you may wish to consider becoming a pharmacy technician. The job opportunities in this area are great and you should apply for employment with your local pharmacy. This will enable you to gain valuable experience as a pharmacy assistant. You can then apply to the relevant departments in the hospitals and clinics for further training and education. Once you have been through the course then you should be able to start your career in a pharmacy or some other related occupation.